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Clients come to me because they feel lost. Uncertain. At times, fearful.  You may be at a transition point in your life, making the decision that old ways of being no longer work for you.  I see the pain of lost hope, relationships, and time.  I see the fear of uncertainty in whether and how to move forward.  And I look forward to getting to know all the pieces of you.  I look forward to working together to explore, create new meaning of your emotion and experiences, (re)discover parts of yourself that you may have hidden away due to fear, trauma, shame, and uncertainty, and identify strategies of how to think about situations or people in a new and still authentic way.

My approach to therapy is integrative incorporating various theories and evidence-based modalities including: psychodynamic theory, relational/interpersonal theory, feminist theory, systems theories, cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based strategies.  My work is client-focused and I am flexible to meet each individual's unique needs. Another component of utmost importance is the development of an authentic working relationship.  On my part, I hope to develop a depthful connection through collaboration, curiosity, and respect.

I have obtained additional specialized training and/or experience with several specific areas:

gender identity,

sexual identity,

identity-related stressors and concerns,

grief and loss experiences,

mood concerns,

new life transitions,

relationships, and

family dynamics (and conflict).

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