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Gender consultation, documentation, and therapy

What is a gender consultation?

A gender consultation is a series of conversations over several sessions designed to discuss information sought by a third party (most often a medical professional and/or insurance company).  Use of the term 'consultation' is intentional as a gender consultation is not an assessment of gender identity or dysphoria.

Will you encourage me/my loved one to adopt a trans identity?

No.  In accordance with the legal and ethical guidelines of my profession in addition to my client-centered focus, I provide an open and nonjudgmental space for exploration and questioning.  If you come to see me in a state of uncertainty and questioning, we will engage in the therapy necessary to pursue your individual goals - and a gender consultation in pursuit of medical documentation may never be one of those goals.

Why choose Evolve?

As a cis woman and psychologist I am acutely aware of the history of gatekeeping and inherent power dynamics involved in obtaining affirming care. In fact, I much prefer and advocate for the use of the informed consent model of access to medical care.  However, within our current medical and insurance systems, it is often necessary to obtain additional documentation to access appropriate care.  Because of this need, I have extensive experience working within the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care and writing letters based on those guidelines.  I work to keep my knowledge of trans health current with continuing education, training, and conferences on trans health.  I have also had the opportunity to present my knowledge and experience to professionals in these settings. 


Moreover, I have been working therapeutically with binary and non-binary trans folks and loved ones since I began practicing, over a decade ago.  My experience has primarily been in individual treatment with adjunct couples and/or family sessions as needed.  I have also run a trans, genderqueer, and nonbinary support group for 7 years during my time at NC State University.

In addition to the above direct therapy experiences, I was an initial member of a University-wide advocacy group to develop affirming processes within the institution. Within my department, I developed and implemented policies and procedures for students to access letters for medical care.

Last, I am a proud pledge-signer of the Gender Affirming Letter Access Project

If it sounds like my experience and knowledge may be a fit for your needs please contact me.

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